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CuteCarry ‘test drive’ HONDA FREED!

A fashion mania victim test drive a car? Erm….that is like so common but yet so uncommon!

I am so not a car person.It is like I know how to drive, isi minyak, car service and such but don’t ever talk car with me. I am a bimbo in that department. I always get help when something wrong with my car.

Thanks to HONDA and my dearest Advertlets for giving me a chance to ‘test power’ Honda FREED. I will review this car from a bimbo ‘knew extremely little about car’ fashion blogger point of view.

The test drive starting point is at Souled Out Hartamas then to Putrajaya and then back to Hartamas. A long journey indeed. Look at the mirror, freindly for ‘face checking’!

The side view of Honda FREED.Please look at the Honda FREED from side view with my long legs also in focus.

Another view. Again.. I am having a compulsive attention seeker disorder. Tetap nak posing kannnn!!

It is quite a spacious car. It is like 4 seats, but from my point of view it is 7 seated car. The



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