CuteCarry’s Malacca weekend retreat with Papulex

“It’s is a beautiful weekend” the words that I can describe about my short retreat with Papulex and bloggers for Papulex under careful, tender loving care of our PR extraordinaire company, Pat-Lin Communications.

The day is Saturday and my wicked plan is to be a lil bit fashionably late to our pick up point that is at Phileo Damansara because I don’t want to wait for others. But, I heard that there will be some political gathering in KL, so I have to changed the plan and  an early off  from my house; it is really early indeed because I am the first one to arrived!

So, I waited and the first to arrive after me is  the happening team of Pat Lin Communications followed by four other bloggers,  my old friend Jess followed by QuaChee,  Syazwani and Ivy Chang . So, we are set to rest and relax at Philea resort & spa, Malacca.

CuteCarry with other bloggers wearing my old (almost vintage kut.. LOL) Zang Toi shirt and new  Philosophy Men studded cap ( KLCC outlet)

The journey is around 2 hours, some of us managed to sleep but some just can’t sleep and keep talking, and it is me. I am quite familiar with Malacca but this is my first time to this resort. Our first activities here is an ice breaking session, well… it is more like getting to know about life story.  So, this is where we share our background and our battle with acne. The girls and I having an acne issue and lucky QuaChee is having the best, the perfect skin…ohh…did I tell you he’d been awarded as best skin in one of the competitions he entered few years ago! Some are lucky to be born with clear skin but some needs help and that is why we need a great and good product like Papulex.

Lunch at the resort. Well… hotel is good but the food is quite an average. But who cares when I really enjoyed my stay there especially with my new friends and Pat Lin gang and Menarini ? I am at my happiest!

My room


Pat-Lin Communication team promised us it is going to be a very relaxing weekend. They keep the promise because right after lunch, it is our free time and most of us choose to hibernate in our room.

Our next activities is Treasure Hunt, you can ask me to hunt for the best shoes in town but this kind of treasure hunt is like so not me. It is a competition but some of the bloggers are quite competitive. The truth is I am stuck at my first task and spending like almost 20 minutes solving my first clue. Urgghhh…. I am bad at it. But, it is getting easier finding the next clues.

In the end, I am among the last to finish!


After the defeat, what a better way to celebrate than rest and relax by the pool?

Makan lagi.Steam boat dinner with the Sales team from Menarini (the Papulex distributor) and dermatologist, Dr Hew Yin Keat.

During the dinner, this is my conversation:-

CuteCarry: what is the stuff used to fill the wrinkle filler?

Doctor: We used everything, you can use cement too!

Funny Doc!

The real truth is the next morning. It is our session with Dr Hew. He is a skin specialist with two clinics located in Bangsar. We ask a lot about our acne issues, from how the myth of acne to how to vanish the acne scar. It is not as hard as we think because according to Dr Hew, the technology is becoming more advanced and we can choose what the best for our skin is. But before we choose, we need to ask for advice ;  not from your hair stylist (like I did), not from the sales person at Armani Exchange (like I did), not from the makcik that you just knew at the airport lounge (yes..Oh boy I did asked the makcik how she takes care of her skin!)

But, you need to get a real, state of the art of how to take care of our skin from the doctor.

It is a very great and good session with Dr Hew. No wonder he has a very beautiful skin. I also ‘rediscover’ the best of Papulex. What a great product for those who suffer with acne.

Never give up if you are having acne problem. There are remedies for all the problems in this world and I believe that there will be one for your acne.

Why don’t you try Papulex? It is not available at your nearest groceries store. You need to drive to Dr He clinic:-

Malaysian Aesthetic Clinic has two Bangsar locations:-
No. 12, Lorong Maarof, Bangsar, KL. (0322831212)


S101, 2nd Fl Bangsar Shopping Centre 285,
Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.

Mon-Fri: 11.00am to 6pm
Sat: 10.00 to 2pm

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