The bag is mine with Maybank2u!

Maybank2u is the first and THE ONLY online banking that I am using. It is easy, convenience and a saviour.

As an avid user of Maybank2u and a compulsive buyer plus A SELF PROCLAIMED fashionista, I am blessed to own a Maybank2u account and a fashion sense plus monies to spend.

Hot Fashion items are like a biscuits, now you see now you don’t but limited edition bag is like an urban legend. As a bags collector, I try to find a state of the art designer bag that is so visible that Anna Wintour can recognize from her Chanel shades. I saw a photo showing model flaunting a very interesting bag that later become my object of obsession. You know when you love and want something so bad, all the energy will pop up and your mind easily calculating the amount of work that you need to do to fund the purchase of the bag. But the bag only available the next season and I must wait.  I keep on waiting and anticipating.


But until the next season, I keep calling the store in KL but they said the bag is not available on our shore. It is one of the hottest items and probably won’t make it here. I love my country but why oh why they won’t ship the bag here. Great.. they can export Gangnam Style but not the bag? It is ridiculous.


I browse through the entire internet shopping that you can imagine but I can’t find the bag. I almost give up. But I keep a positive mind and using the law of attraction. I put the image of the bag as my screen saver!


In less than one week, while me waiting for my friend for a quick green tea latte session, I’m on facebook and one of my FB friends (note: I have like thousands of fans and followers on FB, so they are not really friend as a normal friend that I personally know)  put on facebook the photo of the bag . yes.. THE BAG!


He writes “ Want to sell the bag, with dust bag and authentication card. Transfer money to Maybank2u. First pay gets the bag!”.


Arggh… First pay gets the bag? For authentification, I msg the guy through facebook and after a few chats, I know it is original and he told me that 3 others are chatting with him at the same time and really love the bag.


So, to make sure I get the bag, I must transfer  fund to his account.


So, in a few minutes I log on to my maybank2u account and pay him.


The rest is history.

Did I tell you I cancel my green tea latte date with my friend so I can drive around an hour to collect the bag from him!

Forget about my story, now it’s your turn to buy your dream bag if you win the Maybank2u Ad Star.


Boys and girls…


Win up to RM5,000 by starring in your own Maybank2u ad!


I know everyone wanna be a star, but as Tyra Banks always told the eliminated contestants on The Top Model Show


“You are beautiful, but you don’t have what it takes to be a model”


She is so true..Those girl want it so bad to be a model or a star but they just so NOT MODEL. (r u kidding me girl?)


How about you? You have what it takes boys and girls. Its Be A Maybank2u Star Contest

Just star in your own ad – and stand a chance to win some awesome prizes. By ‘awesome’, we mean up to RM5,000. That’s what you stand to gain in the Be A Maybank2u Star contest, the latest highlight from Maybank2u.


All you need to do is create your own ad with a true story (in 80 characters or less) of how Maybank2u has helped you before. If you win, they’ll help you again. With cash, yes baby… who will win a lot of rinngit.



First step

Darl, you must be a Maybank2u account holder.

Note: this contest is open only to Maybank2u users. If you’re not one yet, activate your account now at your nearest Maybank branch!




Second step

Get as creative as you like with your ad. Write your own ‘headline’,


Recalled moment when Maybank2u help you with your ‘situation’.. like mine.. THE LIMITED EDITION BAG SITUATION


That limited  edition designer bag almost not mines. Luckily I purchased it first via


The guy who owned the bag said he will sell it on who pay first basis. The transaction made minute after I saw the bag on facebook

Now the bag is mine… (sing like Brandy and Monica song, The boy is Mine)


Third step

choose a great picture of yourself. Like mine! (duck face, hippo face, or lion face like Maybank mascot also can lah!)


photo taken at museum in New delhi, India. You no need to go to India to enter the competition!

Fourth step

upload your entry!

Now here’s the really good bit: multiple entries are allowed. We’ll also give you 15 Facebook credits upon submission of your first entry.

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Upload your entry now at Be A Maybank2u Star is on from 1 November 2012 to 31 December 2012.