Luxurious. Elegance. Smart. Those are the words that can describe the latest product by Mitsubishi Electric Folio Series Refrigerators. The launching of this product at Alof Kl Sentral Hotel . Special thanks to Rosalyn, the media person in charge for inviting me to the product launching. Well the demonstration started at 6.15PM. When I first came in, and it was my honoured to be seated next to Malaysia Mitsubishi Electric CEO, I was amazed by the fridge design.

One of the demos, that I will remember, is the food tasting part; as well I have to say, WHO DOESN’T LOVE FREE FOOD ISN’T? The demo shows the difference between the yogurt put in the normal freezer compartment and the yogurt put in the versa room soft freezing compartment. The taste would definitely taste different because of the super cool freezing technology. But, all of these come with a price, the JX64W cost in the market for about RM 9,999 and BX52W cost around more than RM 8, 000.
I, was so pleased by the hospitality gave by the media person, and the eagerness to share the information with me without any hesitation and deliver in a very polite way.
Apart from that, this fridge is so suitable people like well.. me?. People on the run always, and love food, especially frozen food, as this fridge have the easy to use compartments. It allows vertical movement of the shelves, which helps customize storage space without removing any items from the shelf. Daa, super duper cool!!!
Vegetables growing in your fridge! In ya face!! Exactly, this 9k fridge can do that! All because of the Vitamin Factory technology. They use the concept we learn in school those days, the photosynthesis process. The make a mini sunlight (LED Light), and from there they managed to make this things happen. Even they had done research stating with this technology, the vitamins increase by 1.5 times…Woo, way too cool! So to all my dear followers, those who are looking for a super smart, elegance, and a look alike Prada touch, do grab yourselves one of these. I of course, want the JX64W fridge in the colour of shiny brown. My wish!