CuteCarry Question & Answer with Miss Malaysia Universe 2010 Finalist (Part 2)

Its time for CuteCarry Question and answer with the finalists of Miss Malaysia Universe 2010. But the questions are NOT ONLY FROM ME BUT IT IS A SERIES OF SELECTED QUESTIONS FROM CUTECARRY READERS!

But FIRST and foremost, thanks to Rebecca from Advertlets, the official online for Miss Malaysia Universe 2010 for making this happened! (love your cute cute bag-and you cute too!)

(I ONLY TAKE THE ESSENCE OF THE ANSWER AND NOT EVERY BIT!Cutecarry hanya mengambil ringkasan jawapan)

Katherine Ng . 25 years old Financial Analyst

Your opinion on child abuse? (Question from CuteCarry reader; Haslan)

It is a very serious issue and we need to do more create awareness on this issue from every angles; media to you (referring to me lah!) . Everyone from NGO’s to Government should involved to tackle this issue. (CuteCarry commment: Yes.. we should tackle the issue together.. good answer Katherine)

Cassandra Santharaj. 23 years old.