PETRONAS Planting Tomorrow:- Fluid Art Movement

It’s a century of total excellent and roaring success.  Things you can’t imagine to be put together but with an innovation and creativity, PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) commemorated its 100th year of operation on 10th September by kicking off the world’s first on-line digital fluid art platform called Fluid Art Movement.

Cutecarry goes colour blocking at the launch at Sunway Pyramid.

I can see that my dear. Your hoo haa blur expression:- Lubricant and Art Movement?  Uncommon pair? Not really. Keep reading.

Fluid Art Movement was inspired by ‘A Century of Fluids Innovation’, the centenary slogan that the company adopts in tribute to the innovating spirit of its predecessors, Fluid Art Movement was launched by PLI’s CEO, Amir Hamzah Azizan. It’s like a work of art with lubricant.

Our fashionista mind; yes you and you and me we don’t really think how on earth lubricant got to do with art. We think that when it comes to lubricant, it should only be associated with the mechanic boys, so technical for us to think. The greasy stuff! But, the geniuses at PETRONAS  came out with idea  with this art stuff.  Through the ‘A Century of Fluids Innovation campaign, PLI aims to raise the profile of fluids, the substance that the public generally overlooks and takes for granted. In a short film that was premiered at the launch event, PLI portrays how fluids power machines to help make the world a better place. Fluid power machines are the main elements that makes the world today, from since the beginning of the machine era until today. In fashion, it can be regarded as thread that will turn into fabric. Fashion comes and goes, but thread remains forever…erm..Maybe I’m bit lost when it comes to comparison thingy but please watch the video to find out more.

As a mentioned earlier, when it comes to lubricant, let the boys do their job and we’ll follow. Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team drivers Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg were given the honour to roll out the first two art pieces.

You want your piece of art to be shown to the world and maybe win something? Well not much .. Just ALL EXPENSE PAID FOR YOU AND YOUR PARTNER TO GRAND PRIX OF AMERICA 2013!!

Excited already?

Contest details and other info such as the on-line initiative can be accessed through  or directly on  from today until 31 December 2012. Finished fluid art pieces can be posted on an on-line gallery within the  for public viewing.

All you have to do is to put on your art-ty hat and start fluid-ing. I did mine!!

So, I did my masterpiece too. It is so easy…if I can do it, you can too!!! ..ok don’t say anything about my masterpiece s an abssss-tracccttttttttt. You know only those who can understand art can interpret mine.erm..probably.

Oklah.. I know you can do better than mine!!