Baju Raya 2012 : Jovian Mandagie Lebaran 2012 Aviraya

Thank you and deeply sorry. Thats the only words I can say to Jovian Mandagie. I can’t make it to his Lebaran 2012 Aviraya due to some business commitment outside KL. But I did send my photographer to the event and right after the show end he text me  “Happening and fantastic show”.. Yeah..I know its gonna be a fantastic show cos the venue stated on the military inspired card  is at TUDM Museum,Sg Besi.  Airforce and fashion. Very,  very interesting.

Ive already plan what to wear to his show but last minutes, some business commitment outside KL pulak. Kenalah grab apa business yang ada kan. But for you (and for me!) this is Jovian Mandagie Lebaran 2012 AviRaya .

No.. this is not the baju Raya. Im sure you are more interested with the baju raya rather than hot muscular guys in ‘casual military wear” kan?

No..not a “bunch of aviator boys playing instruments”.. its a fashion show! You dont want boys of hot guys, you want fashion isn’t?

Ok..this is what you really-really want to see!!!

First rule: You should wear oversized shades on Pagi Raya (like CuteCarry lah, morning nite dusk till dawn also pakai sunglassess ) in baju kurung Kedah with modern,young and simple details.

Second Rule: Should you feel like so uncomfortable wearing kain, change to your jeans and pants and wear only the top baju Kedah. Wearable kan top tu dengan jeans?

Third Rule: Wear your modern baju kurung.

Fourth rule: Do it Like Saloma!

Fifth rule: Wear your (military) inspired print

Sixth Rule: Flaunt it. Be bold. Be like Supermodel Tini. Show it to the world that you are the most fabulous fashionista Raya 2012. (hati-hati waktu melibas kain tu takut terkena kuah satay atau rendang; menangis!)

Ning Baizura happy sangat kena interview dengan Ayie Ali!! (not sure what is she wearing but i pretty sure she is cluthing Bottega Venetta!)

CuteCarry and Jovian. (really2 nak the batik shirt he is wearing!)

FINAL RULE: Go and buy Jovian Mandagie Lebaran 2012 Avi. This is an order from me! 124 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Tel: +603 2093 5124. Fax: +603 2094 5124.