Red Riding Jubah and the spirit of Israk Mikraj..

I love attending events… Love it? Yes…i used to like it but now my priority has changed. Gone are the days when I will accept almost all invitation. Now, I am more focusing on my business which is absolutely time consuming and it can spread me to thin. Yes… who said building an empire  is easy? No one.

Been there, done that, from high end events and fashion show to party that ‘why on earth I’m here?”. But ladies and gentlemen, please…send your invite. I will try my best to attend.

It is a red riding jubah, at the tuan rumah punya living hall.

Last nite I went to this beautiful kenduri, for Israk Mikraj and also makan-makan with yasin recites. Refreshing myself (I am so, so glad… I almost forgotten, teruk kan?)  the meaning and spirit of Israk Mikraj, thank to the ustaz yang preached that night, it means Night Journey. It is a Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) journey to meet Allah, traveled on Boraq, the creature that can travel as fast as light. The most interesting fact is how the description of other prophets, whom Prophet Muhammad met at Jerusalem on his way to meet Allah. Very, very interesting. (Btw.. dulu, arab suka jalan malam sebab siang panas, but if you suka keluar malam, it is not Night Journey ye..!)

I am rushing from my grooming talk that I’ve conducted at Universiti Malaya, terus rushing rumah, mandi, and sampai on time for Maghrib!

So to all my Muslim brothers and sisters, probably it is time for us to refresh our knowledge about Islam and the story. Many of us can remember, spell and pronounce the name of French fashion designers or can easily ingat the history of   Kelly Bag. We can vividly visualize Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Harry Potterand probably most of my fashion friends know the story of famous supermodels career before they were supermodels and how diaorang kena discover (Naomi Campbell kat party, Kate Moss kat airport..etc!!)

Now, it is time to refresh. Take your time…