Duckie Brown @ New York Fashion Week 2010

Duckie Brown? Very ganjil dan tak pernah dengar, bunyi nama macam itik?

Ok guys.. a quick info for Duckie Brown. It is a New York based men fashion line founded in 2001 by Steven Cox and Daniel Silver.

They are regular at New York Fashion Week and in 2010, plaids, super-slim tartan trousers and square-shouldered suit jackets and pop colours (I love, love, love CINTA Pop colours!) on the runway.


Plaid with plaid. Only for runway not for the real way! But if you wear the plaid with something plain…voila, u are officialy CHIC!


Very wearable! I wear these!!!!..





I love how the stylist put together the pop colour. They tone it down with black! That is how to wear pop colours!

Jika memakai warna terang,padankan dengan warna gelap/hitam ye..

duckie4My favourite.. Always my favourite. Classic and chic!

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This is Duckie Brown 2009…