CuteCarry at MASIF (Music, Arts, Style International Festival)2010

Its the eve of Hari Malaysia and CuteCarry is at MASIF 2010 wearing WANPA.(thanks ya kerana sponsor baju CuteCarry). The ghost of Anna Wintour is approaching me. Berani kacau?

Thanks, million thanks for the seat.CuteCarry took a front row seat at MASIF 2010. It is such a recognition to blogger like me (I was like OMG cos I am no one, nothing!! -saje nak drama sikit kan!!!) They even provide a small table for me to put my net book.

CuteCArry with massive personalities of the MASIF 2010, From left CuteCarry, Datuk Khatijah Ibrahim and Faris. Thanks to Faris from Tangerine Model for everything and recognition for the new media like fashion blog.. of course!

Lots of VIPS yang datang.. wanna know who and who..sila click and click

Among the VIPS.

Prime Minister, Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak with Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor. Love his tie.

Tun Mahathir. My idol, my hero my everything..CuteCarry bersalaman dengan Tun Mahatir tapi tidak sempat nak snap photo tunjuk kat uols!

But I managed to catch Tun Siti Hasmah. I love, love and love her personality and her sweet baju kurung batik. Very elegant and presentable. Not overdo and the colour compliment her skin and of course her smooth personality.

CuteCarry at Seventh Heaven Pavilion. Kat sinilah diaorang semua make up.

CuteCarry with Baizura Tazri, founder of Young Designers Arena (YODA). Dah lama tak jumpa rambut pun dah lain kan.. suka la rambut dia. To all young designers, tak rugi you join YODA. Its your early step to stardom. Ada diantara peserta YODA yang join MASIF 2010. Kalau tiada platform macam YODA, susah juga kan nak masuk MASIF or event MIFA (Malaysia International Fashion Association).

CuteCarry with Kem Saleh. Sekarang Kem tidak lagi terlibat dengan fasyen pakaian, dia terlibat dengan interior decor.Fashion is to Ashley. Best la tengok business diaorang berkembang!

Photographer from New Straits Time snap us.CuteCarry with Von Jolly, Raymond and Aaron Jolly.

Boys and girls just wanna have fun!

Stay tune for more entry on MASIF 2010!

MASIF 2010: 15 until 19 Sept 2010. Visit MASIF for more info.