Yuen is the winner of MIFA Who’s Next Model Search 2010 @ MIFA Gala Night


I told, I told ya..I told ya.. she is gonna be big!!

I am so hapy and excited for Yuen for winning the MIFA Who’s Next Model Search 2010 @ Malaysia International Fashion Week 2010. I’ve posted several times on CuteCarry.com about Yuen and I am really adore her (lagipun dia tidak sombong) and she is going to be BIG. click here and here

And now she is big!!! She is (lagi MIFA Who’s Next Model Search and winning RM100K working contract!! (RM70K + RM30K: Mifa and Andrew contracts)

I must say this..I’ve got eyes for ‘detected’ the next big model!! Happy for you Yuen. Nanti belanja I teh tarik ye..

She said “I think I cannot sleep la tonite, I am so happy. No teh tarik la, coffee bean!”

FIERCE.. (Yuen nampak vogue/cantik sangat, CuteCarry nampak buruk sangat kan?Orang nak fierce, cutecarry nak fierce jugak..itulah akibatnya!)

Oter winners/awards recipients are:-

Most Promising Designer: Silas Liew

Emerging Talent: Klutched

Backstage. Cutecarry with Radzuan Radziwill

Couture Award : Radzuan radziwill dan Michael Ong

Pret A Porter (Ready To wear) Award: Villiam Ooi