Reunion With school besties

I am so happy. Thanks to facebook, it was a moment that I looking for, a reunion with my besties, Rizal Tower and Faizal!

It;s been like forever since our last gathering. I blame lack of communication devices in 1990’s like the handphone is like so expensive and email is like so not like now, and no FACEBOOK! That is the reason why we never met until yesterday.

We’re from boarding school and you know, it is like we’re living with each other. Every little secret is like other little secret, we knew a lot of things scandals, scandals, and scandals


This is Rizal aka Tower. He likes to beat me, and I beat him back. It’s hurt… He can vividly narrated all the stories back when we are so young. Now he is a doctor!


Faizal aka Chef Wan (he looks like one rite?). He is like me, something we are so homesick.. sometimes we are happy. Very hardworking guy. Now, he’ll be IR.. engineer guy.

ok…. you know the below guy. Not an engineer and not a doctor. He is a fashion blogger, doing nothing like shopping, thinks that he is like so fashionable and think like Vic and Kate…. you think he is a smart guy…naahh



What we did after during the gathering? Chatting about all the old stories (scandals included!) and shopping!

It’s been a misreable week but I am so energized and refresh because of this two guys. Thank you my fren!

I am so happy. Really!