Miss Malaysia, Kimberly Leggett handpicked by Donald Trump

Yeayy..go, go Kimberly. Go promote Malaysia. “orang putih ke, orang hitam ke, orang coklat ke, orang biru ke. Kita orang Malaysia kan”.

CuteCarry with orang  bunian; fashion nymph,CuteCarry.

Seven contestants handpicked by US billionaire Donald Trump to promote this year’s Miss Universe contest. Candidates picked by Trump were Miss Venezuela Irene Esser, Miss Canada Sahar Biniaz, Miss Mexico Karina Gonzalez, Miss USA Olivia Culpo, Miss Czech Republic Tereza Chlebovska, Miss Ecuador Carolina Aguirre and Miss MALAYSIA Kimberly Leggett

They will be accompanied by Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes.

During the 3-day kick-off ceremonies, the candidates will appear in Good Morning America, Today’s Show, CNN Entertainment, Access Total Live, Reuters TV, and KNBC. They will also do photo shoots, apart from live and phone interviews by radio stations and Paparush.

Source: Support Asean for Miss universe