Benson Chen Summer shoes 2011 in Masquarade Fashion

CuteCarry with Benson Chen,one of the young generation of shoe designers in Malaysia.

The next Jimmy Choo? Probably because a few accolades under his belt like The Most Creative Design in Malaysia Footwear Competition 2010 and 2nd runner up for the category of Ladies Boots Design in the International Footwear Competition 2010.

Did I say boot?

Thats why supermodel Amber Chia is like looking extremely sexy in Benson Chen boot.

Amber Chia loosing weight kan? Dia kata sebab jaga anaknya. What a supermom! BTW..she said that I am like so skinny now and should put on weight and muscle. I am so skinny kah?

Benson Chen shoes. You can get it TheTwelve, Fahrenheit 88, (KL Plaza),Bukit Bintang. TheTwelve is like a walking distance from Pavilion, cross the road it will be on your right.