Kids shoes from Sogo

My lovely niece, Dinah. She is not into toys and such but she likes shoes, bags, dresses and everything fashionable. I wonder where she gets that from?


I bought this at Sogo sale. Winnie the Pooh, RM34.50 (after 50% off) Cheap!! I am kind like crazy shopping for my nieces. It feels like so single Brangelina!


SHOW ‘EM YOUR POSE… I train her to become the next fashionista and believe me, I don’t need to work hard. She likes it (tolong jadi fashionista, ganti uncle yang akan tua tapi sentiasa vogue dan edgy nanti ya!)

She likes pink (adakah ingin menjadi seperti Paris Hilton?)



Sogo is having year end sale. Please go. It is worth it!..