Lim Kok Wing Fashion Show for Suria KLCC Fashion Week 2012

My obsession for fresh new things can be over-rated. Yeah and.. I love the fresh smell of Roti boy fresh from oven, freshly cut grass smell kinda like Pleasure by Estee Lauer, fresh smell of Prada, Gucci or Prada leather bag (yummmyyyyyy) and fresh talent.

CuteCarry at Lim Kok Wing Fashion Show for Suria KLCC Fashion Week. From left Dato Fazley,his wife Azrene (image consultant, sama cam I), Dato Fazley sister and your beloved Cutecarry yang selalu berangan feeling feeling comel walaupun dah tua! Mampu?

konon-konon comel sangatlah kan mulut muncung cam tudi tengah-tengah Concourse KLCC tu…kawan I cakap kalau besar sikit terus jadi cam Donald Duck!

Its kinda a long show,with performances and fashion shows back to back, its like watching Fashion Rock. Fresh talent in fashion means you can get a bit of everything, from “its so student look”, “I love the dress look”, “r u kidding me look”,”the designer is good look”, “he is gonna be huge look”, “I wear that now look” and of course a bit of other designers look, from Roberto Cavalli to Ellie Saab, Oscar De La Renta and I think its bit of Jovian Mandagie and Christian Louboutin ( Louboutin is not on the runway, it the realway, one of the VVIPs is wearing that gorgeous recognizable¬† CL).

But I must say they did a great job. Great fashion sense and kinda wearable and marketable.

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The alumni. Rico Rinaldi. Mysterious bride.Good job Rico!

My pick Nthiran Krishnan