Lingerie SALE… purchase RM200 and FREE PANTIES

You know you are so wrong, wrong and wrong if you are wearing a wrong bra. You look DROP.. I mean not drop dead gorgeous, but ‘drop’ – that..yes…that. Wear your lingerie right and you will feel strong and stylish plus sexy inside out!

SALE… its not Victoria Secret but its a SALE!

btw, ada terdengar salah pronounce. Kita belajar sikit ye. to pronounce LINGERIE ialah lebih kurang macam Lon-JhE-RAY dan bukan lin-ge-ri . Tapi tidak kisahlah kalau salah sikit kita bukannya orang puteh pun!

It is very important for ladies to invest in a very good underwear. It will give great support plus you won’t be humiliated when you hang your underwear outside the house.

BLock A Second Floor The Atria Shopping Centre,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor.