Long distance relationship: Don’t lose it all, time to get data

Do you believe in long distance relationship (LDR)?

I can see quite a few expressions when it comes to LDR. Some like it and assumed that relationships are blissful – but wait! It’s not all candies and kisses, sometimes there a lot of hardship to deal with and it can be really emotionally taunting and mentally demanding. Imagined that your loved one is 13 hours plane ride and different time zone. You sleep, your loved one just start his or her day. Is it possible that one no so lucky day he or she will find someone that is much, much more better than you?

The first few weeks of may be the most challenging. Your mind keep remember your boo and your boo keep remember you to. But can it lasts for another two months or two years. Does the flame keep burning or it already turned into ashes?

Once upon a time, long-long time ago I am with my former ex.  We are an entity and we share almost everything from a plate of rojak to phone, planning our weekend break at the most cheapest and convenient location because we do not have much monies back then and we even plan our future together (yeah..We think we know the future!).

I am at my happiest but I guess I want something more in my life.  Love is almost perfect but my future seems to matter most. I know what I want and I want more in my life; career and monies!

I went to an interview without anyone knowledge and I’ve got the job with good offer. The downside is I have to move to another city. How much I love we are together but I won’t let the job go.  It is good career advancement and I believe it will bring me to the next level.

So, now it is time to break the news.

It is really hard to tell that we have to live apart. So, I remember I choose a very nice time, just after dinner. I remember it was after a roti canai and teh tarik at mamak. Luckily, my ex managed to handle the big news even we almost get into fight because I plan it secretly.

My ex has a business to run and it is almost impossible to shift to another city.

We both know that we are not going to see each other again as much because we going to work in two different cities; which is an hour flight away.  During that time, there are no watssup, skype and even facebook or twitter and internet connection is not as wide as today and the most ‘effective, quickest and cheapest’ mode of communication would be email.

We promise to email on a daily basis, but it become weekly, monthly and somehow, someway I know it never going to work. It became very dry with email. We kind of lost that touch and the rest is history. We break up!

What’s worse is, pairing the idea of a long distance relationship with the sad soppy case of losing communication. It reminds me of this video.


What’s going on? They seemed happy.

Although they were going to be far away from each other, they seemed like they were in it forever but then suddenly everything changed! Did he find someone else? Or is it just a simple misunderstanding? Relationships are an uphill battle or sometimes a downwards spiral – it’s really how you manage it but these two sadly went the wrong way. Who’s that guy at the end? Does he like her? And does she like him too?

Most importantly, in the case of Amy & Nick’s relationship, it shows that if there is no data, you’ll lose it all. After all, everything is on the internet now and it costs almost nothing at all. Just as long as you have data, relationships will go smooth sailing so dial *128# to sign up for any pack to have it all.

Oh…to finish my story; we are not in a contact mode. Me with my business and I know my ex is a very successful now. Probably we are still an item if we have data plan and we can communicate.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for your data plan. Dial *128# now…