Model vs Non Model (iklan produk sendat ketat!)

He is model. What a classy way to express himself.

She is model : Zahnita @ Glam. Classy girl in Moschino, makes me (and thousand others) marching to Moschino …


Pic ct from FB.

Sendat dan ketat (I really want to think it is baju yang sendat dan ketat walaupun pakai tudung!) plus the suami.  Kamera phone apa dia guna untuk ambil gambar ni ye?

Classy ad? No way.. but for sure, this got my attention. Iklan yang tidak sesuai.. betulkan ketat dan sendat dan kekal bergetah? Pakai getah daripada pokok apa?

They are models? No..not in thousand trillion years! So just to remind you ya, do not put model in your resume cos it is so not cool to interfere others profession  ya!

CuteCarry with celebrity model/beauty queen/celebrity chef/tv host, Thanuja amd Malaysian male supermodel of the moment Wilson Tan. They are models.

CuteCarry with Zahnita and Azure. They are models.