Official opening of BEN Independent Grocer (B.I.G). MALAYSIA’S FIRST CONCEPT SUPERMARKET

When OVERDRESSED can be UNDERSTATEMENT! It is happened that I am among the first one to arrive and I thought I’m overdressed. It’s a grocery store opening and I am wearing my skinny, Gucci shades, Dolce and Gabbana tote, Red Herring leather jacket from Debenhams and high cut techno sneakers. I am so wrong when the guests keep coming and list of wear from Herve Leger, Chanel 2.55, Gucci, Marc by Marc Jacobs dressed, Louboutin, Fendi Peek a Boo to our own local designers, Betty Rahmad to Amir Luqman!

Did I just mention the grocery store opening? A high end indeed!

The BIG Group’s bustling namesake, B.I.G. is dedicated to purveying quality produce.  This concept supermarket is not your average grocery store, offering the urban family a perfect avenue to eat, drink and shop simultaneously. Covering an area of 50,000 square feet within Publika at Solaris Dutamas (behind Masjid Wilayah,Jalan Duta), the supermarket also houses several eateries under the B.I.G. umbrella, including Plan b Roasters, Ben’s General Food Store and B’wiched, all supported by group’s central kitchen, also within the same location.

Makan first (luv the pizza, salad and cendol and then post party at 10. It’s an early exit for me cos I’ve to rush to Penang for talk. Unable to join the party but I heard its really happening. Congrats to BEN and Salina & Associates PR Sdn Bhd for such great party.

Ingat lagi Asha Gill?Former MTV Vjay and Travel and Living? Terjumpa Asha yang still cantik dan ramah, dia sedang sibuk jaga  anaknya.

AF Vince Chong goes black and skinny white.

Amir Luqman wearing her own (Amir Luqman 2013) and Fendi PeekABoo. Sebenarnya CuteCarry terserempak dengan Amir di KLCC sebelum party. dia di sana untuk ambil beg yang telah ditempah. Terus pakai ke party.Class!!!

Chelsia Ng

Azura Zainal. Read her blog here.

CuteCarry with Bon Zainal. He is so busy with BDA concept retail store in Langkawi. He said I’ll be invited to Langkawi for the opening. Great..can’t wait.

Yasmin hani with hubby Shahrin. She is wearing Betty Rahmad.seriously meletop. One of her best looks ever!

And the team from Salina and Associate.

The lady herself, Salina Yeop.

Shaiful Nizam Mukhelas. echinggg…hahhaahah

Ilya Qastalanni yang sentiasa sexy.PR girl yang hebat bekerja keras berlari kesana kemari dalam dress and heels.  Takpe..kalau jatuh mesti ramai nak tolong kannnn!!!