Where is my Thomas Sabo Sterling Silver Collection Spring Summer 2012?

Something wrong with me at the launch of Jazz and Soul Inspired Thomas Sabo’s Streling Silver Collection Spring Summer 2012.

I put nothing on my face,not even a thin film of moisturizer. Almost nude, feels so light at the launch. Me from UITM fashion show 2012 at Solaris Mont Kiara and shoot to G Tower, brave the massive balik kerja traffic and managed to reach there almost on time. So I changed my clothes inside my car!!! AND I AM NOT WEARING ANY THOMAS SABO!!!..WAIT.. how to wear la, I do not have Thomas Sabo!!!

Hot mammo, Vanida Imran wearing Thomas Sabo.She looks freaking young and beautiful!!!

Miss Universe Malaysia 2012, Kimberly Legget also  donned Thomas Sabo.

Melissa Indot also Thomas Sabo. Sebut betul betul Tho- mas (like emas) and sabo, yes..macam sabo..like “u jangan sabo I”.. Ok..kalau salah sebut jangan marah I ye, I bukan orang Jerman macam Thomas Sabo.

Music by Farhan AF and wear Thomas Sabo. love love love love your dramatic dress. Famous musician Jari is in da house, but I am not sure if he is wearing Thomas Sabo. Tak kut..

My favourite supermodel friend girl, Yuen also modeled Thomas Sabo..ok she is a full time model, this is her job.

Another supermodel Tini..gosh..look at her Thomas Sabo!!!

This model mat saleh also flaunting Thomas Sabo !

From left CuteCarry, Jojo struys, Vanida Imran and Xandra Ooi.

Everyone in Thomas Sabo!!!

Thomas Sabo.. thats it.. where is my Thomas Sabo?

You know how it feels when you are like do not owned anything like them. Feel useless (a bit dramatic lah, please layan..). But in the end before I went back..

Thomas Sabo gave me this beautiful dragon! Thank you Thomas Sabo.thank you..if you want more of Thomas Sabo, please head to Pavilion.

The Sterling Silver SS 2012 feature jewelry from seasonal rebel at heart classic line d and also newest line, special addition.The new special addition line enables customization by adding on a limitless number of possibilities to individuality. The seasonal line mized the retro of the 1950s and 1960s with modern shales and colours.

You can get anything from Thomas Sabo, classic, romantic, edgy and the most important key here is individuality!!

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