CuteCarry is the Principal trainer for WORLD LEADERS liason and security officers!

It was a great honour for me to be appointed as a Principal Trainer for the Liaison& Personal Security Officers’ Image and Protocol Workshop, in conjunction with the 4th Global Entrepreneurship Summit. Great leaders from all over the world will be here in October 2013,including Barack Obama.
This two-day workshop was held for 40 participants, including Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik (PTD officers), IT, officers from government link agencies and policemen. Each of the participants will be assigned to a delegate during the Summit.


With the organiser Desmond Wong from Treasury Malaysia
The module includes aspects of Appearance, Behaviour and Communication (ABC). It was held at Treasury, Precinct 2 and a field trip to Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) subsequently followed.
It brings back the memories of a time long long long ago when I was once a Liaison Officer for delegates from Brunei, Saudi Arabia and other countries.
The key role of these Liaison Officers is to assist the delegates, ranging from Prime Ministers to Kings during the summit. It is a very challenging responsibility and they must perform it well or it will tarnish the image of our country.
They are required to be alert and ready at all times , as right from the moment the delegates touch down onto our soil, the LO must make sure that all the luggage are properly managed. The delegates will be extra busy for almost 18 hours a day, from attending the Summit to ‘add on’ appointments during the sessions. Don’t think you can sleep early because just after the official dinner, there might be other discussion sessions held on an impromptu basis. If necessary, the LO must know where is the most suitable place for that to happen.
My delegate once asked me where to get the best durian in town! All I can remember is a durian stall near Changkat as it is quite near from the hotel where we stayed, JW Marriot Bukit Bintang. So, I thought about walking with my delegate to that area but the plan was halted because according to Personal Security Officer, it is NOT SAFE to walk there. Erm.. exactly. Can you imagine what will happen if someone snatches my delegate’s wallet? Or worse if there is a plan to assassinate the delegate, the delegate would have be an easy smooth target for the sniper!
Los should have common courtesy and behave tactfully. Know how to behave, how to accept name cards or know what topic are taboo and what topics are absolutely fine to approach when communicating with foreign delegates. They should not talk bad about ANY COUNTRIES. Avoid passing negative remarks as it will trigger confusion.
To all the Liaison & Personal Security Officers for 4th Global Entrepreneurship Summit, I wish you all the best!

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