CuteCarry x Abang Bomba but without the pole!

It is really funny, the first thing in my head when Jabatan Bomba dan Penyelamat in Putrajaya (JBPM) appointed me as trainer for Kursus Penampilan Diri is the POLE. Yes..the fireman pole. I guess I’ve watched too much mat saleh drama and film and when it comes to fireman emergency scene, the fireman will sliding down the pole gracefully and stylishly straight to the fire truck. Unfortunately, no visible sign of fireman pole at Bomba Putrajaya, only trucks. RED SEXY TRUCK..
CUTECARRY pun apa lagi, terus pose!!

Black and RED. CuteCarry and BOMBA!

I am having so much fun with the Bomba. Wait.. the title of this entry is ABANG BOMBA but did you know that in BOMBA, ada BEAUTIFUL, SLIM and tall Pegawai Bomba Wanita?

C for CuteCarry. With beautiful and handsome Pegawai Bomba.

CuteCarry bersama staff di Jabatan Bomba no..he is not pegawai bomba.

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