‘Last minute’ job – Malacca for Universiti Malaya

“Last minute” is not healthy, especially when it comes to deadline. But my  last ‘last minute’ was last weekend and it is image talk  for Pejabat Hubungan Antarabangsa dan Korporat (ICR), Universiti Malaya. The session was supposed to be conducted by other trainer but due to unforeseen circumstances, she must let go for another important last minute engagement. I received the phone call after Jumaat prayer asking me to conduct the session on Saturday morning in Malacca. So, tentatively,I have to be there the night before. I can’t pack my bag and rush to the historical city during the day because I have a birthday party to attend.  It is almost impossible for me to skip the party and without much choice, I can only leave for Malacca from KL at around 10.00 pm.

It is a smooth ride, except slow moving traffic at Seremban exit. I reached BayView Hotel around 12.00 am.

Beauty Sleep and ready for tomorrow.

It is a “healthy session”  with the staff and officers.  I  shared my experiences, knowledge and technique regarding the IMAGE elements , Appearance, Behaviour and Communication while focusing on Protocol and Etiquette My DNA is FUN. It is not me if it is not FUN. FUN means they can laugh and gain knowledge.

The session includes dining practical during the lunch hour. Thank you very much for the to everyone!!!

Another healthy session happening during tea session on my way back to Kuala Lumpur. I browsed the net looking for what to bite for  tea and it lead me to Laksa Limbongan and Kuih Keria.

You can’t get more classic! Strawberry in Kicap bottle, laksa and kuih keria.  The Kerias need special mentioned, large portion of sweet potato in heavenly white sugar caramel. I sempat bungkus balik rumah. The humble gerai is located opposite Formosa Hotel, just 15 minutes from town.

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