Travelgasm: CuteCarry Technicolour in Xian,China

I always love colours. Its like a BFF relationship, you have your bumpy ride but in the end you’ll get back. Like I love colours but I get back to black then back to colours. So, I bought this technicolour stripes in Xian, China. I think it is less than RM50. Cheap, cheap and cheap!

Xian is the historic city of China, its like Malacca of Malaysia. The history dated back few thousand BC . Beijing is amazing but Xian is like wow!!! All the ancient sites and buildings that will make us think, how they do that?

I went to Terracotta Warriors site, which is like around an hour drive from the Xian City. But for this entry, it is me with my technicolour top having fun at the grande Xian City.

My lovely tour guide in Xian, Ada.