Marc Jacobs Loves Ruffles…

This season, He loves ruffles… so much . It is all about ruffles and dramatic effects at Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 RTW. From head to toe.

The models hit the runaway in extreme pale kabuki make-up. According to Marc, he wanted the models to look as if they had just finished a show and went out still wearing a bit of their costumes. Erm… Marc, I love ur creations, but if the skinny models in pale face walk to me in the middle of the nite, I run..

But nevertheless, he did it again. Everyone waiting and anticipating what is next from him and he never failed to deliver what women really want; to look fashionable no matter what!

The bags quite delicious too! It is still big bags. So, if you think your oversized bags that can carry your 9 months niece should go into e-Bay, think again. You might want to use it next year.Oh.. and they are ruffles and fringes too!

Can’t wait for this collection to hit Malaysia.I just Can’t wait. It doesn’t matter if I buy it or not, but I just can’t wait. I want to touch the ruffles when my friends toting it!


Put on the jacket, you are ready for board meeting, slip into the pants, you’re ready to hit the town. just don’t wear it at once.


Strong bohemian fringe bag!… Could it be the next Stam?

marc3Dramatic ruffles….the flip flop (or slippers or whatever!) quite edgy.


Checked dress. Perfect for season to season.


It is back. The tiered skirt. Love it, love it, love it!

Kali ni Marc Jacobs memang melebihi jangkauan. Tak kira rambu ramba apa pun, tetap menarik. I still love his presentation. He is the master of the fashion exhiliration.


Or if you can’t watched it, click here