Acne sucks!

Do you know that I used to have an extremely pimple prone skin that probably eligible me to become a “the before face” for anti-acne product?

It is a one of the worst phase in my life (if you don’t get me started with my relationship issue!!)

Having acne is not a disease that can kill us but it sure can kill our life. When part of our lifestyle has changed due to acne, we can be considered dead. It is like having a big sticker stated “why so many acne?”

I can’t stop people from asking, but sometimes put my ego 15 million feet under my feet and at some point, it getting on my nerves and probably want to yell at them, ‘go and play kite!”

I don’t want acne to spread like a wild flowers on my face. At the tender age of 24 years old, few years after graduated, logically I shouldn’t have acne.  Acne should be only for teen because their hormone is super active and yeah… that is why they should have acne. But me, not so young and yet I have acne. But I learn something that acne is not only due to hormone imbalance; it can reach far than that. Click here to find out more.

I stop going out, stop dating and started to apply foundation on my face just to cover the acne. It is not pretty when a guy in jeans and t-shirt with foundation laden face. Not pretty. I am not trying to look like but with that amount of foundation to cover my acne, all I need is lipstick, eyeliner and blusher, bling-bling platform heels and voila, I am officially a drag queen, ready to perform Gloria Gaynor number “I will survive”.


My acne issue became a big issue when I did pretty badly during my interview and I blame my acne.  All my spirit faded away because I look at my face before the interview. I failed to focus on the questions by the interviewer because I keep thinking about my acne.

It is a true story!

Acne brush pretty from my face but I am survived until now. I don’t have a clear beautiful skin like my friend; designer Wanpa and our own supermodel, Anita Aziz but I am happy with skin now.

No make up!!

The good news is acne is treatable.

Papulex® is a dermocosmetic range to help reduce the appearance of blemishes in cases of acne prone skin. The products are efficient due to recognized functional substances like nicotinamide and Anti-Bacterial Adhesive substance (ABA). The best things are everyone can use Papulex because it is fragrance and soap free. So, it is doesn’t matter if you are having a dry, oily or combination type of skin, you can use Papulex!!


It is safe and you so easy to use. Apply Papulex as per recommended amount and you can see your acne subside. According to global survey, 85% of the respondents satisfied with Papulex. So, it is a revolutionary product to combat your acne.

To all boys and girls from plane earth, if you kind of give up on treating your acne, I am strongly advise you to use Papulex!

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