Gucci Japanese Manga collections

Look East policy? Once upon  a time;  a long,long time ago, it is Louis Vuitton with Japanese artist but now it is Gucci.

You know what is manga? In case you think it is Mangga; the fruit or the magazine with Malaysian artists strike a pose beside the pool,you are such a comic humour, manga are comic created in Japan.
It is a unique collaboration between Creative Director Frida Giannini and renowned Japanese Manga artist, Hirohiko Araki. Inspired by Giannini’s 2013 Cruise Collection, Araki has created an exclusive Manga (Japanese comic strip) story that will bring the windows of Gucci’s worldwide direct store network.

Inspired by the label’s ‘Cruise’ 2013 collection, Araki’s manga tells the story of ‘Jolyne Cujoh’, a student who inherits a keepsake from her mother’s Gucci collection. She then embarks on a journey that transcends time to discover the mystery behind her vintage treasure.

I am not sure if I like some comic icon on my beg but for sure, I love Gucci!! Well… see how lah.

CuteCarry cluching Gucci (its a jet black plain clutch,no animation allowed!)