Type of tudung

I received an email from a friend about type of tudungs. It’s funny..


Tudung Wadrina.

My say: This is my favourite. She shows that you can cover your aurat fashionably. I always adore her style!

tudung2Tudung Embryo Alien

My say: Kids, don’t do this at home. She looks like a drag queen! Worst, worst and worst!

tudung3Tudung A Knight Tale

My say: Very futuristic, runway look. Well, at least she covers it well!

tudung5Tudung Bandana

My say: Sorry Siti, this is not my favourie. Your face look so round and it is just not you.. sorry Siti…

tudung6Tudung Permaisuri

My say: Oh… I remember this moment. She looks lovely. Lovely, lovely Siti!

tudung61Tudung Wind Breaker

My say: Siti looks hip and chic. Guys.. please Siti Kata dia tak pakai tudung tapi pakai selendang. Ada perbezaan ok…

tudung8Tudung Chek Pau dah masak ke belum

My say: Ha Ha.. but its quite a fashion statement!

tudung7Tudung Saji

My Say: This is definitely couture look. Nothing to say here!

tudung10Tudung Pra Insaf

My say: Very 90’s la…

tudung11Tudung Post Insaf

My say: Speechless…