CuteCarry and Christy Ng shoes GIVEAWAY shoes. Do you like this shoes?

Miss Enchanted Cow Print. Wear it with chic skirt, jeans or pants. Pair it with plain leather tote and you are ready to conquer the world!

Jika berminat, apa kata ikuti langkah-langkah ini. Peraduan terbuka kepada semua pembaca Cutecarry tidak mengira jantina atau umur!


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Snap  photo untuk menunjukkan kesukaan anda kepada kasut. Tidak kisahlah bagaimana tetapi mesti menunjukkan bagaimana anda menghargai kasut.
Contohnya ialah:-

Ambik snap kasut kegemaran anda macam CuteCarry ni…


Atau ambik gambar rak kasut anda..

Apa-apa sahaja yang menunjukkan yang anda memang sukakan kasut.

Langkah terakhir:

Tagged gambar tu pada fan page facebook  CuteCarry atau Hafiz Mustapha atau hantar kat inbox (PM).

Gambar-gambar yang dihantar akan dimasukkan didalam fan page CuteCarry akan memilih gambar yang terbaik untuk memenangi kasut Christy Ng Enchanted Cow Print.

So posing now dengan kasut uols dan hantar, tagged CuteCarry ya.!!!

Tarikh tutup pada 14 Ogos 2012.

Anda akan jadi pemenang. Tetapi saiz adalah terhad, jika saiz kasut diatas tidak mempunyai saiz kaki anda, ChristyNg berhak mengganti dengan kasut lain.

Sementara itu, apa kata kita shopping raya kat Christy Ng

Banyak kasut-kasut yang menarik dan cantik plus stylo di Christy Ng.

Christy Ng Shoes is an online shoe company offering a wide range of woman’s footwear based in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The company was founded in July 2010.


The shoes are designed and produced by Christina Ng and her select team of shoe making artisans. Since it’s inception, Christy Ng Shoes has garnered a following of over 100,000 fans on Facebook and is deemed one of the more popular shoe sites in the country.


Christy Ng Shoes initially began with creating 5-inch platform heels and has now expanded its range to include casuals, dress shoes, office wear as well as flats, ankle boots, slip ons and wedges. It also offers exclusive bridal shoe essentials.


Being too familiar with the shoe-sizing conundrum, Christy Ng Shoes provides special hand crafted custom-made shoes designed to fit all feet sizes and shape.Christy Ng Shoes has recently added a range of complementary accessories including custom made bags.The company believes that high street fashion and comfort does not necessarily entail high cost but instead fabulous shoes for every woman’s desire and fancy are readily available at the click of the mouse!


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