Young Designers Arena (YODA) slot for National Youth Day 2010, Putrajaya

They are back!

okay not all.. some of them!…

The Young Designers Arena (YODA). One of the most important stepping stone for young designers to showcase their talent (and also for young blogger like me.. wahhhhhh…. always young-berangan muda selamanya!)

CuteCarry with Baizura Tazri, founder, Young Designer Arena (YODA).

CuteCarry telah dijemput untuk menghadiri sidang media Young Designers Arena (YODA). Slot Young Designers Arena dalah sempena National Youth Day 2010

The best thing in life are FREE!!.. Yesssssssss… its FREE…

Fashion Shows and CONCERT. Two in ONE!

Click click tolong click jangan tak click!

You can enjoy the show and feast your eyes with the FRESH designs (models included!).

Sharif and Merlee by Merlee Sharif. Love the jacket, with minor adjustment…