Dressing Tips for beer belly( tummy )/ perut buncit

Question: What is wrong with my dear friend aka client; Asyik?


He is wearing big loose baggy shirt to hide his beer belly / perut buncit. It is wrong and wrong and wrong if you wear big shirt to conceal your beer belly. It will makes you look bigger, older and the unfashionable.

It is easy to cover your beer belly..without pay hundreds ringgit for gym membership but you never touch the threadmill or go to Tak Bai, Thailand for a cheap operation . All you need is a right shirt and engage CuteCarry as your image consultant

We go for a shopping trip in Ipoh (gigih nih drive daripada kuale ke Ipoh on 3rd day raya!) and straight to Padini. We found these elegant long sleeve stripes shirts .. after 50% discount it is RM60 something!! (murah..murah ..murah..kalau kata mahal lagi tak tau lah).

In the beginning,Asyik kinda hesitate to try because the shirts is NOT BIG ENOUGH like most or all of his shirts. But after trying a few pieces..these is it!!!

Adakah perut buncitnya nampak? TIDAK..

He looks like he is loosing 10 kilos.

The Tricks are:

i. Choose vertical stripes