Travelgasm: From Taj Mahal With Love

You know how I adore you, don’t make me say the word cos it will burst the bubble and break the charm. Your building in fire and I’ll catch you cos you’re my inspiration.I adore you Taj Mahal.

Taj Mahal in love. Shades: Vintage, Shirt (outside): Calvin Klein, Shirt (inside): Erm…really I can’t remember. Jeans: Bangkok Pratunam Market (RM50 to RM60 only). Shoes: Zara

I must cover my Zara to enter the magnificent Taj.

Inside Taj.. it is not a norm for me to sit down and relax in the most beautiful building in the world.

Taj Mahal entrance. You must pay la to enter…not free you know!

As usual, CuteCarry act like diva la kan, don’t want to walk one, jalan malas, so tetap ambil kenderaan nak masuk ke Taj Mahal complex. You know, if you walk lagi best tau!

Beautiful buildings and surrounding in the Taj Mahal complex. It is not only Taj Mahal,but another beautiful buildings like mosque, hostels, mausoleum. So, if you think it is only Taj Mahal,you are dead wrong!

I see Rajashtan…