Acne: Nurture vs nature

Battling with acne is one of the most significant and memorable moment in my life. The roller coaster journey, full of emotions and hope.  It may sound exaggerated but if you ever face and issue with acne, you will deeply understands how it feels. I am not referring to mild acne but severe acne that once turns my life upside down.

As a teenager, having a few zits on face is considered a normal thing. The so called ‘hormone changing’ phase l But if you have acne that will stay there like forever, it is not normal. Yet, when I complained that I have acne, the answer would be the same, it is normal!

As far as I can remember, I have never have an ‘acne free’ since I was 13 years old. There always acne on my face, either it is just a tiny one of my cheek or a two or three on my forehead! But it’s getting worse when I was 24 years old.  I am not a teenager anymore. If they said it is a hormone imbalance, hello… I am not that young. There are lots of advise how to avoid/eliminate acne like avoid oily food (there goes my favorite Malaysian food!), no peanuts (there goes my all time snack) avoid talking about acne (can you imagine my reactions when friends keep asking about why my face has lots of zits and the one that I can remember and not so hygienic is wipe the acne prone face with your partner underwear (yuckkkk!!!!!). The ultimate myth advice that I get is “YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING, IF THE ACNE WANT TO BE THERE, IT WILL STAY THERE, LET THEM DRY EFFORTLESSLY’!!

That is the worst myth every created for acne!!

But I never give up!!

Three main cause of acne is a bad bacterium called P acne, over production of sebum and hormone. There’s a truth about how food or your genetic that contributed to acne. Like if you have acne because of the main cause stated above, the food you eat will make things worse! So it is advisable for us to take precautions measure but not to the extreme. Remember, food is not the main contributor of your acne and don’t blame your parents. They are innocent.

Now I am Acne FREE!!!

I have younger brother that facing the same issue and I just tell him don’t give up. Acne is treatable!

You must be consistent of your regime!

If you give up, remember one word Papulex!!!

Papulex® is a dermocosmetic range to help reduce the appearance of blemishes in cases of acne prone skin. The products are efficient due to recognized functional substances like nicotinamide and Anti-Bacterial Adhesive substance (ABA). The best things are everyone can use Papulex because it is fragrance and soap free. So, it is doesn’t matter if you are having a dry, oily or combination type of skin, you can use Papulex!!


It is safe and you so easy to use. Apply Papulex as per recommended amount and you can see your acne subside. According to global survey, 85% of the respondents satisfied with Papulex. So, it is a revolutionary product to combat your acne.

To all boys and girls from plane earth, if you kind of give up on treating your acne, I am strongly advise you to use Papulex!

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