Less than 24 hours in Sabah. (Image Course for Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri)


It was a quick trip to land of the tallest mountain in South East Asia, Sabah. I was invited to conduct a one day seminar for the officers from Inland Revenue (Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri). The officers were flown from all over Malaysia to Sabah to attend the course.

I enjoy Sabah but this time it was such a short trip and I literally did not step out from the hotel where the course was being conducted, Promenade Hotel. I flew from KLIA 2 at around 9.00 pm, touched down at 11.30 pm then headed straight to the hotel to get my beauty sleep.

The one day course was intended as a refreshment course for the officers and so the course was conducted in a light & easy manner. I enjoyed being with the participants until the end. But I must say I was quite exhausted due to my harsh and tight schedule and right after the course ended, I crawled into the hotel bed and sleep. I woke up only a few hours before the flight.

Thank you everyone!!

I purposely choose the last flight from KK because of the timing and managed to catch the final departing KLIA Express train.

It was 1.30 am and finally I was in my own bed to sleep and set my alarm at 5.45 am as I had already been booked to conduct training for Universiti Putra Malaysia officers the very next day.

I love my job!

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