Thaksin and daughter goes shopping in Dubai


I am sorry to start this entry with an image of a very angry Thai man. He looks very unhappy plus maybe from his heavy backpack. His angry face is nothing if you compare to my former boss face if he is angry. The angry man is an anti-government protestor who really hates his former boss , Thaksin Shinawarta. But I believe this man will look like my former boss if I show him an image of Thaksin having a leisurely time shopping with his eldest daughter Pintongta at the Wafi City Shopping Centre in Dubai. (Click for video)


Thaksin and daughter must have an exciting day in Wafi . This award winning shopping mall and a reputation to match offer an exciting shopping experience. Especially they have a store with a lot of cute enamel dog, Radley. I have strong instinct if Pintongta step into Radley, she will at least look this ultra-edgy slouchy shoulder bag, Soho; which is a part of Radley London Collection.


I love Soho because the slouchy goes really well with the long tassels. Some bag has tassels but in a wrong way and the bag looking likes a mutant jellyfish. Soho tassels are minimal and it will inject a sense of effortless chic to the carrier.

The problem with this bag is at only around USD368.00 it is way too cheap for Pintongta. According to my Thai freind, she is a rich girl. Rich girl with a rich dad to match. But, who knows, because of that cute Radley dog, she falls in love with this bag.

Britain withdrew Thaksin visa and he is barred from entering that country. The only way Thaksin can get Soho London Collection for Pintongta (if not in Wafi Dubai) is from